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NAOWA President Shocks Jos with Generous Cash Gifts to Teachers at NADCEL 2024!

The Nigerian Army Day Celebration 2024 (NADCEL) witnessed a grand event at the 3 Division Maxwell Kobe Cantonment in Jos, Plateau State. The Nigerian Officers’ Wives Association (NAOWA) actively participated in the celebration, with Mrs. Mariya Abiodun Lagbaja, the 23rd President of NAOWA, making notable contributions.

Mrs Mariya Abiodun Lagbaja visited the NAOWA Nursery and Primary School in Jos, where she received a warm welcome from the staff and pupils. Addressing the children, she advised them to make their parents proud through obedience and focus, emphasizing that they are the leaders of tomorrow. She also promised special gifts for the best students during her next visit.

In addition to her visit to the school, Mrs Lagbaja commissioned several projects, including the NAOWA Unisex Salon and a Doctor’s Station at the hospital. These initiatives reflect her dedication to enhancing the well-being and facilities available to the community.

Following the commissioning of the projects, Mrs Lagbaja was hosted at a town hall meeting by Mrs Fibishola Abubakar, the Chairperson of NAOWA 3 Division, along with NAOWA members, staff, and teachers of the NAOWA Nursery and Primary School. In her address, she expressed her joy and pride in returning to Maxwell Kobe Cantonment for NADCEL 2024. She highlighted the significance of the event in recognizing the achievements of the Nigerian Army under the leadership of her husband, Lieutenant General Tori Abiodun Lagbaja.

Mrs Lagbaja emphasized the crucial role of education in societal development and reaffirmed her commitment to improving NAOWA educational institutions. She praised the dedication of the teachers and staff for maintaining excellent learning environments and announced a humanitarian outreach for the Nigerian Army Soldiers Wives Association (NASWA) and widows of fallen heroes.

The NAOWA President extended her sincere appreciation to the First Lady of Nigeria, Senator Oluremi Tinubu, for her unwavering support and commitment to the well-being of military families. She also expressed gratitude to her husband, the Chief of Army Staff, for his constant support and encouragement.

The event reached its climax with the presentation of gifts to teachers and the donation of computers to the school. Mrs. Lagbaja rewarded long-serving teachers with substantial cash gifts: ₦1 million for those who have served for 20 years, ₦500,000 for those with 18 years of service, and ₦300,000 for those who have served for 10 years.

The Nigerian Army Day Celebration 2024 in Jos was a remarkable occasion, showcasing the dedication and commitment of NAOWA under Mrs. Lagbaja’s leadership, and highlighting the vital role of education and community support in achieving the association’s goals.



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