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Women in Jos South Take Matters Into Their Own Hands, Seize and Destroy Alcoholic Drinks

Women in the Jos South Local Government Area of Plateau State have taken a bold step by seizing and destroying alcoholic drinks and related substances from shops across communities. The action primarily occurred in Sabon Bariki and Bukuru Low Cost areas of Gyel District, with a significant turnout of women who claimed these substances were contributing to their husbands’ irresponsible behavior.

The women, organized into groups, visited shops and joints selling such products, actively seizing and destroying them. The groups received support from young girls, children, vigilantes, and other volunteers. Some shop owners, upon hearing of the exercise, locked their shops and disappeared, but the determined women vowed to return with even tougher measures.

Reports indicate that the community and traditional rulers sanctioned the exercise, particularly concerning locally produced alcoholic drinks and intoxicants perceived as harmful due to their high chemical concentration.

Expressing their concerns, one woman stated, “These drinks are turning our men into irresponsible people. The drinks are weakening them, taking away their strengths and making them useless.” She emphasized that the youths were spending excessive time in drinking places, affecting their ability to engage in menial jobs or farming for self-sufficiency.

“Our husbands have also been weakened by the drinks, and they can no longer perform their conjugal duties at night. Today, instead of having a man and a woman at home, we now have two women at home since our husbands cannot be called men any longer,” she added.

However, a youth interviewed countered the effectiveness of the exercise, stating that it wouldn’t stop the consumption, especially among the youths. He revealed that they always found ways to acquire the drinks even if the women destroyed the ones they came across. The youth suggested that the government should empower them with opportunities to address the root cause of the problem.



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