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Senator Nora Dadu’ut Denounces Faceless Group’s Attempt to Discredit Her Achievements

Senator Nora Dadu’ut, the former Senator representing Plateau South in the 9th Assembly, has responded to a press conference held by an unidentified group named “APC Plateau Southern Compatriots.” She dismissed the group as being sponsored by individuals envious of her accomplishments during her tenure.

Senator Dadu’ut refuted the allegations made by the group and stated that her achievements were tangible and had a positive impact on her constituents in the senatorial district. She emphasized her active contributions to national discourse and maintained that her track record speaks for itself.

“I have completed my term as the Senator representing Plateau South, and my future is in the hands of God. No amount of sponsored blackmail can impede my progress in life. Those who have benefitted from my various empowerment programs can testify to my achievements,” Senator Dadu’ut asserted.

She further highlighted her unwavering support for the party during the last election, emphasizing her dedication to working diligently and providing both financial and moral assistance to candidates contesting in the 2023 elections.

Senator Dadu’ut expressed her commitment to serving the people and reiterated her focus on the next phase of her journey. She encouraged her supporters to remain steadfast, stating that the attempts to tarnish her reputation would not deter her from pursuing her goals.

In conclusion, Senator Nora Dadu’ut dismissed the allegations as baseless and urged the public to disregard the claims made by the faceless group. She emphasized that her achievements and dedication to the party and constituents will continue to be her guiding principles as she moves forward in her political career.



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