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Plateau Youths Wash “Diseases” from APC Presidential Flag-off venue

Drama in Plateau State as PDP Youths Wash Away “Diseases and Poverty” from APC Presidential Flag-off venue

Support groups of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) have taken the step to clean up the Rwang Pam Township Stadium to show their commitment to vote out the APC lead administration.

The action took place on Tuesday 16 November, at 8 am In response to the flag-off of the APC presidential campaign in Jos, Plateau State capital.

Kamru Sani the DG of the Atiku motivational movement stated that the action is meant to sweep out the detrement the APC rally brought to Plateau.

“We will sweep out all the diseases they brought here yesterday, as PDP is for plateau and Nigeria”

“Nigerians are witnesses to the good leadership and transparency of the PDP administration in the past and also witness to the APC bad leadership, I believe that all Nigerians will vote in PDP considering the past PDP administration”

Peter Parker the Atiku mutual youth campaign director, stated that although the action was on short notice the turnout clearly shows their commitment.

“I’m here in solidarity with support groups to flush out the deceit and lies that were carried out in the stadium yesterday. Although it was on short notice the turn up has clearly shown our commitment

“We want to put it to APC that we are still aware of the promises they made since 2015 till now and to bring their scorecard of what they have been able to achieve.”

“From their manifesto, it is clear that they are adding lies upon lies and enough is enough which is why the young people have decided to come out to clean up.”

“As the DG I’m telling all youth that we have an umbrella that can accommodate all support groups in Plateau to do 5/5 from Atiku to our state house of assembly and that’s the mission.”

The national coordinator of the PDP national youth amendment movement comrade Mohammed Sani Hassan stated that the people’s democratic party is ever ready to deliver and will not be intimidated by APC.

“We are not intimidated, we saw what happened here yesterday people were paid to be here. We are assuring all our support and mobilization groups that we are ever ready to vote out the APC administration and vote in PDP at all levels”.

“I heard one of the governors yesterday saying PDP are thieves, we are not thieves, they are the thieves and we won’t let the treachery they have caused for eight years continue, we won’t let them steal our features from us. So we will come out in our numbers to vote in PDP”



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