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PLASCHEMA Silences Critics, Shines with Success despite Unfounded Attacks

Following a string of impressive achievements in seven months, the Plateau State Contributory Health Care Management Agency (PLASCHEMA) has swiftly countered recent, baseless allegations levied against it. Established in 2020 to enhance healthcare delivery, PLASCHEMA has weathered unfounded attacks in the wake of the May 2023 state government transition, spearheaded by unidentified individuals seeking to discredit the agency’s progress.

Transparency and Efficiency Take Center Stage:

Taking accountability head-on, PLASCHEMA Director-General, Dr. Agabus Manasseh Nanfwang, addressed financial concerns with utmost transparency. He revealed that a N300 million boost from Governor Caleb Mutfwang tackled healthcare challenges among vulnerable populations, while outstanding debt incurred prior to his tenure was completely cleared. Additionally, prompt fee-for-service and capitation payments to healthcare facilities demonstrate PLASCHEMA’s commitment to financial integrity.

Debunking Falsehoods, Upholding Integrity:

Responding to claims of misappropriation, Nanfwang clarified that an investigative audit triggered by an executive order confirmed the agency’s financial soundness. Addressing extravagant spending accusations, he debunked a purported N13 million portrait contract and refuted claims of exorbitant personal spending, highlighting his N38 million inheritance and commitment to responsible stewardship.

Growth and Innovation Mark the Way Forward:

Nanfwang proudly showcased PLASCHEMA’s accomplishments: surging enrolments from both formal and informal sectors (over 3,000!), a widening network of accredited healthcare facilities, and a successful study tour hosted for neighboring states. The agency received N327 million in government funding for the 2024 Equity Health Plan, offering free healthcare to vulnerable groups in Plateau State.

Encouraging Participation, Strengthening Healthcare:

Nanfwang urged citizens beyond the vulnerable category to participate in the scheme and benefit from subsidized healthcare. By eliminating out-of-pocket expenses and bolstering health indicators for all, PLASCHEMA reaffirms its unwavering commitment to serving the people of Plateau State.

This revised news article aims to highlight PLASCHEMA’s achievements, address allegations transparently, and project a positive image of the agency’s dedication to improving healthcare in Plateau State.



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