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Jos South Council Chairman Refutes Allegations of Embezzlement, Calls Out Faceless Group

The executive chairman of Jos South Local Government Council, Hon. Gideon Dandereng, has vehemently denied allegations of embezzlement amounting to over 350 million nairas, as claimed by an unidentified group called the Transparency and Accountability Initiative. The chairman labeled the accusations as baseless and politically motivated, aimed at tarnishing his hard-earned reputation.

In a statement released by Hon. Gideon Dandereng, he dismissed the allegations as biased and lacking any foundation, emphasizing that they were merely an attempt to discredit him for personal gain. Dandereng pointed out that those accusing him of financial mismanagement were ignorant of the court ruling that prevents state governments from prematurely dismissing duly elected Local Government Councils before their tenure expires.

The council chairman clarified that the funds allocated for the development of Jos South Local Government were utilized in accordance with the approved budgets. He vehemently denied any diversion of funds for personal use, asserting that all appropriations made by the Legislative Arm of the council were diligently executed for their intended purposes.

Regarding a 200 million naira loan secured to improve the standard of living in the area, Dandereng stressed that it had undergone a rigorous due process, including scrutiny and approval by the State House of Assembly during the transition period. The loan was granted to address urgent developmental needs and was duly accounted for.

Addressing allegations surrounding the sale of council-owned land and buildings, the chairman emphasized that no such transactions took place. He questioned the motives behind the dissemination of these baseless rumors and sought to clarify any confusion among the residents of Jos South regarding the alleged land sale involving Emmanuel SOLOLEJE CONSULTING.

Dandereng refuted claims of non-compliance with virements in various council accounts, affirming that financial matters were handled with strict adherence to due process. He assured that loans obtained by his administration were utilized responsibly and for their designated purposes.

In light of the situation, the Jos South Council Chairman called for calm and urged the Transparency and Accountability Initiative and its instigators to recognize that their campaign of defamation against him and other council chairmen would not succeed. He encouraged the people of Jos South, and the state at large, to disregard these unsubstantiated allegations, as they were propagated by individuals seeking to sow discord among the populace.



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