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Eid-El- Fitr: Plateau Governor-elect, Caleb Mutfwang call for love, peaceful co-existence

Plateau State Governor-elect, Caleb Mutfwang has called for love, tolerance, and peaceful co-existence among the citizens as he rejoiced with the Muslim Ummah on the unique occasion of the Eid El Fir celebration.

Mutfwang in a press statement in Jos on Friday on behalf of his Deputy Governor-elect congratulated the Muslim Ummah for their perseverance, self-discipline and piety throughout the Ramadan period.

“We trust that God Almighty has received your precious gifts and the intense prayers you have offered on behalf of our State and the whole nation.

“The 2023 Ramadan and Eid-El-Fitr are particularly of great significance because they have come within our nation’s political transition period. In just about a month away, a new president, state Governors, National Assembly as well as State legislators will be sworn into office in Nigeria’s 24 years of unbroken Democratic journey.

“We therefore make this passionate plea to you: heighten your prayers for our country and Plateau State so that all may go well across the entire nation on May 29, 2023 and hereafter.

“We plead with all citizens to re-commit themselves to peaceful neigbourliness. Our communities need peace and secure environments to concentrate on their farming and business activities. Without peace and security, our communities may be driven into poverty and every form of deprivation.

“As the incoming administration, we commit ourselves to offering quality leadership that will unite the people and work hand in hand with them, security agencies as well as people and institutions of goodwill to secure Plateau.”

Mutfwang expressed hope that God Almighty has received the gifts and intense prayers which was offered all through the Ramadan and wish the Muslim Ummah a refreshing celebration.



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