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Ban on Blockades by Religious Centers: Plateau Group Urges Citizens’ Support the Government

Residents of Plateau State are being urged to embrace the spirit of brotherhood by adhering to the recent ban on road blockages during religious activities, as enacted by the State government under Executive Order 003.

The Plateau Patriotic Front, a socio-political group, praised the State government for implementing Executive Order 003, noting that it would greatly enhance Jos’s reputation as a civilized and orderly city. The group’s Chairman, Mani Imman, emphasized that the order applies to all religious organizations and urged citizens not to succumb to the influence of religious zealots.

The group highlighted that enforcing the order will facilitate the free movement of vehicles, particularly in light of the innovative transport solutions introduced by the administration of Barrister Caleb Muftwang. Imman commended the ongoing efforts to improve the Jos-Bukuru Metropolis and called for public support to elevate Jos and the rest of Plateau State’s rightful status among developed cities.

“We commend the government’s efforts to bring sanity to the environment. We appeal to citizens to support these initiatives and not view them as targeting any specific group or individual,” Imman stated. “We ask that citizens refrain from antagonizing the government, especially when policies and efforts are aimed at development and the common good.”

Imman further applauded Governor Caleb Mutfwang’s dedication to improving Plateau State and called on everyone to support the Governor’s vision for the State’s development.



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