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Darkness Prevails in Over 20 Jos Plateau Communities from Weeks of Power Outage

Residents of Jos, the capital city of Plateau State, have been enduring weeks of darkness as approximately 20 communities remain without electricity due to frequent acts of vandalism by thieves. The affected areas include Kangang 2 transformers, Nyango 1 transformer, Fwagul Angwan 2 Transformers, Wyit community behind Total Filling station in Bukuru, Howshe and Bwangdang Bukuru.

Among the other affected communities are Kwata Za’ang, the community opposite Police Staff College, Raku sot in Gyel, Fwavwei in Rayfield, Longwa in Kufang, Abattoir (now fixed), Diye in Zaramaganda (around Nevic Gas), Diye around Shuna Academy, Kuru Trade Centre, Rukuba Road, Heipang, Kukun community in Dahwol Dangwom, and Rahwol Kanang (Angwan Doki).

Victor Pam, a resident of New Abuja, expressed frustration over the recurring theft of transformers in the past six months. Each time the transformer is repaired through community contributions, it is vandalized again within a month. The continuous cycle of theft has left the entire community in darkness, and residents are exhausted from the financial burden of fixing transformers.

Joshua Fidelis, another resident, raised concerns about the silence of the Electricity Distribution Company, suspecting that their lack of action may be deliberate to extort money from the affected communities. He further said the situation was even more difficult because of the increase in petrol as they could no longer depend on generators for power.

Mrs. Mary Sam, a resident of Kufang, shared her frustration, pointing out the unfairness of having to endure a prolonged lack of electricity and then being forced to raise up to 1 million Naira for transformer repairs. The Electricity Workers seem unresponsive to the situation unless the communities themselves raise funds for the necessary repairs.

The Head, Corporate Communications of Jos Electricity Distribution Company (JEDC), Dr Friday Elijah, who confirmed the incidents, said the company was getting frustrated by the activities of vandals.

The prolonged blackout has taken a toll on the affected communities, hampering daily activities, and causing inconvenience to residents. The residents are calling for urgent action from the authorities and the Electricity Distribution Company to address the issue of vandalism and restore electricity to their communities.



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