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APC Roars for Justice: Frustration Mounts as Plateau Assembly Delay Persists

The All Progressive Congress (APC) is raising concerns and amplifying its dissatisfaction as the inauguration of 16 APC members, affirmed by the Court of Appeal as Plateau State House of Assembly members, faces ongoing delays.

Following the Court of Appeal’s decision to unseat 16 People’s Democratic Party (PDP) members in favour of the APC, a legal tug-of-war ensued. The ousted PDP lawmakers have sought further clarification from the Federal High Court, challenging the Supreme Court’s judgment affirming Governor Caleb Muftwang’s election.

The APC is equally entangled in the courtroom battle amid this legal clash. The Speaker of the House has emphasized that the disputed members won’t be allowed into the assembly until resolved, citing an injunction against inaugurating the APC members.

In response to the deadlock, the APC is actively pursuing a resolution. The national chairman escalated the issue to the president, asserting, “We are not leaving this line low.” Emphasizing their role as the ruling party, they insist on upholding the Court of Appeal’s judgment.

Assuring party members, an APC representative stated, “When your father is a lion, snakes don’t come to carry the children anyhow. Being a member of our great party is not regrettable. Therefore, we want to assure you, as part of the system, that everything will be all right.” The party is committed to ensuring justice prevails and its members can fulfil their legislative duties without further delay.



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