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CWSI indulges women to participate in electoral processes and parastatals

In an effort to encourage female participation in the electoral process and all parastatals, the Center for Women Studies and Intervention (CWSI) organized a zoom meeting themed “forging a pathway for young women in political leadership” on the 22nd of September 2022.

The meeting was organized with respect to the project Action for Better Female Inclusion and Participation in Electoral Process in Nigeria (ABIPIN), aimed at addressing issues of female marginalization, apathy, and passiveness in the electoral process. targeted at Abuja Municipal Area Council (AMAC) and Gwagwalada.

Speaking on the need to upscale the activity of women in the electoral process as female apathy to political offices reflects on women’s representation in political appointments and the electoral process at the State and Federal levels.

The Kabba/Bunu legislative council leader and the only female aspirant for the Kogi State house of assembly, Hon. Towonifini Mosiko said one of the challenges she faced when running for office was opposition from her male colleagues although she also had the support of some men which helped her a lot.

” Despite all the challenges I faced what motivated me was my passion to want to help her people and constituency and also knowing that she could pass bills that are of positive impact on women.”

She added that one of her major projects is the 170 women and widows empowerment program in 2021.

Hon. Towonifin mentioned that in order to run for any political office one must start at the grassroots.

“Join your unit and register with them, register with any political party, and make your intentions of running for any office known right from the start.”

“You should also have a mentor to look up to that will guide you to avoid being exploited as many women end up being exploited with no form of orientation”

“Most importantly you have to be available at all times when required, be ready to attend all meetings irrespective of time even at night that is why it is important for married women to have the support of their spouse so that when such needs arise there won’t be any misunderstanding because the more you participate the more you are recognised and relevant to your unit and party.

Hon. Towonifin concluded by saying the Government should provide a conducive environment and fair playground for women and that there is a need for women to summon their courage to contest for political offices and awareness should be made through programs and publications.



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